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It takes personality to be a good leader. In times when online meetings have replaced physical workspaces, we need to find ways to lead our employees in the business world. When everything is done online, it’s easy for us to become bored or discouraged. Leaders must make an effort to keep the team spirit alive.

If you’re a leader guiding a team through difficult times, you might need ideas to maintain a healthy online spirit. Here are some tips for leaders who do not want to let the quality of their projects slip.


1- Communicate Honestly

You’re struggling in isolation, too. Your employees want to know that their leader can relate to them. Be honest about how the lockdowns are affecting you. An honest leader comes off as approachable and friendly. When you admit that you are also human but choose to give your best, your employees will realize that it is possible to do a good job in unusual circumstances.


2- Stay Positive

Even when you’re being honest about your struggles, you can keep a positive attitude. You know that these trying times can’t last forever. Tell your employees that this great test can be used to create a more united team capable of success from long distances. Encourage them to kindle friendships and to become valuable sources of confidence to one another. Strong friendships will reflect in what is produced as a team.


3- Be Concerned For Their Health

A good leader cares about the physical and mental health of their employees. Ask if there is a way that you can help them with the struggles that make their tasks complicated. Suggest vitamins and exercise. These benefit us in many ways. A walk up the street is not only good for physical health, it also benefits us creatively. Many people exercise before work in order to clear their minds.



This time of separation won’t last forever. Each of us has a way to grow and become stronger, wherever we find ourselves living it. Good leaders reach out their team and show that it is possible to work and care for one another despite the struggles of the day.