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As a leader, you must find ways to relate easily with the people under your power. While it’s a challenge to be a leader in many fields today, it is possible to become better. Becoming a good leader involves an informed approach to ensure the best results.

Below are some five ways you can become a more approachable leader:

Interact with The People Under You

As a savvy leader, you have to find ways to engage with those under you. A good example would be to visit different sites or departments to interact with staff only. Most leaders will visit their team members or departments only when there is an issue in operations.

Avoid Judging Your Subordinates Based on First Impressions

Take time to learn more about your team members or subordinates. For instance, a team member who shows signs of drug or substance abuse, instead of firing them, suspend them and learn more about them. It will make a good impression on other team members.

Assign Privileges to Top Performing Team Members

Keeping your team members motivated will make it easy for them to approach you. Instead of awarding privileges blindly, find ways to give them to team members who show the best performance levels. Doing this will help boost the performance of your team or organization.

Work on Your Non-Verbal Communication

Non-verbal communication is an important aspect of becoming an approachable leader. It helps build Rappaport with your team, which is an important aspect of socializing. Your non-verbals will help you come off as a friendly and open person.


Show Empathy to The Challenges of Your People

Someone in your team member likely faces a serious challenge in life. Your ability to understand these challenges and relate to them can make you’re a more approachable leader. Being thoughtful of other staff members’ challenges will also help improve your social intelligence as a leader.

Becoming a good leader can be a great way to improve your team or organization’s ability to meet specific goals. However, you have to work on various subtle things, and becoming more approachable should be high up on your list